Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holy Sweat!

I took a pranaflow class this morning. And, like the title of this post, what I can say is : Holy Sweat! Pranaflow with the windows open in Richmond in the summer -- even at 9:30 am -- is a very sweaty practice. Which is precisely why it was totally wonderful.

Some days and months and years I practice all in my little box. I LOVE Anusara (obviously) but there are times when I get so spun up in the principles and locked into my favorite sequences that the practice becomes dry, blocked, or just plain boring. I know this is a reflection of not being Open to Grace. And if I were attending class regularly I think this wouldn't happen quite so often, learning from an actual live teacher brings so much wisdom into my body. But as I'm not practicing with a teacher on a weekly basis right now, I have to do something to break through the binds.

Pranaflow class this morning offered that little shake up. There simply isn't time to luxuriate in slow in-depth movement through the 5 principles and 7 loops. There is barely time to breath one breath before diving from one posture to the next in a sequence that would hardly be John Friend approved. And that's why it is SO much fun for me. All the rules I follow go out the window and I am able to literally follow the prana around on my mat until I am totally exhausted in a sweaty, open, hot-mess on the floor. It is liberating and a little rebellious. Throw the rules out the window into the 90 degree day. ALL of them and just sweat and enjoy moving. Ah!

I am not particularly inspired, I am not moved to make myself and the world a better place, I don't hugely feel connected or even aware of the others I practice with, I could honestly hurt myself if I didn't know how to align. I am definitely not anywhere near having a spiritual experience in the way that I have come to know having them. BUT when I practice in that class and leave it I am so deliciously IN my body, and in movement, conversation, and pulsation with all the cells in my body, none of that stuff matters. I'm not giving up Anusara anytime soon. I will, however, be frequenting pranaflow class every time I could use a little shake up in my body and practice.

Whew! Pass the water please!

Contemplation: How do you break free from ruts in your practice? What shakes up your life (in a good way)?

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Audra said...

YogaGlo! I only really do Anusara on it, but since there are many different teachers... Things are always a little different depending on the teacher, the theme, etc... A Noah class is different from an Elena class, and so on. If I really wanted to shake it up, I could always take one of Kathryn's classes but haven't yet!