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Some background on my yoga teaching journey

In my 20s I was a dancer and dance/movement therapist.  During that time I found yoga as a way to support myself and my body.  Specifically, Anusara yoga built my physical strength and my self-esteem in a way that no yoga or dance class ever had before. 
After a short time at the psychiatric hospital where I worked, the CEO of the hospital decided to add yoga to the curriculum for the patients.  I offered to start teaching them and enrolled in a yoga teacher training.  
That first training was transformative in that it forced me to have a personal home practice and to look at how I was living my life and how I wanted it to go.  I wasn't happy with what I saw when I looked closely.  I was exhausted all the time, I didn't have time to connect with my husband or do anything I enjoyed, and I was disconnected from my body and breath.  So around the same time the teacher training ended, I also left working at the hospital.
After a few month break and a transformative yoga retreat I began teaching Hatha yoga.  Very quickly, I decided if I was going to teach yoga it needed to be Anusara yoga.  That was the yoga that spoke to my soul.  So I started the process towards Anusara Certification.  I took the first two immersions in 2008 but by fall I was way too pregnant to travel to finish part three.   In October 2008 I had my daughter (with a GREAT midwife).  And I took the next year to adjust to being a mom and only maintain my practice and my teaching.  By fall 2009 I was ready to pursue Anusara again.  I finished immersion and then enrolled in teacher training with Todd Norian and Ann Greene.  
The teacher training took my teaching to the next level and was just what I needed to resume a strong home practice.  It was also amazingly transformative on a personal level.   Much of the transformation comes through in my approach to teaching, to life, and hopefully in the writings in this blog. In Summer 2010 I finished the teacher training and earned Anusara-Inspired status which is the entry level of Anusara Yoga.  And I began dancingyogini.
I thought the story would continue into earning Anusara Certification in 2012.  I was on my way there and had a mentor lined up to begin reviewing my classes when scandal surrounding Anusara founder, John Friend, had me seriously re-evaulate my yoga teaching path.  In February 2012 I resigned from Anusara and released myself into my own hands as a yoga teacher.  Since then I've been moving forward offering Tantric philosophy, alignment, and kind-hearted friendship via my classes and workshops.  

photo from the start of dancingyogini
June 2010