The fabulous teachers here must be named for their unending guidance on my path. They are each phenomenal in their own way and I am truly honored and grateful for the time I've had to study with them.

Todd Norian and Ann Greene - These are my teachers. Teachers on the mat and door openers for healing, growth, and fulfillment off the mat.  Todd especially is MY TEACHER, and I cannot thank them both enough for all they have created in my life.  Please study with them as often as possible!

The Willow Street Yoga, Silver Spring, MD teachers but especially: 
Maria Hamburger, my long distance mentor, 
and Moses Brown, a sweetly soulful and loving buddha of a teacher.

Lila Pierce Brown of Raleigh, NC. A fabulous sprite of a teacher.  Full of deep knowledge and living the path of her yoga every moment of the day.  (a bit of a spiritual sister to me)

All of the fabulous teachers at Yoga Source but especially: 
 Ellie Burke -  a vinyasa teacher with depth of heart

And a few others who don't have a site but should: 
Niki Schemmel, friend and yoga/Nia goddess.  Total guiding light on this path and absolute support system.
Vicki Fink, my first teacher, thank you for opening my eyes and my heart to this phenomenal system. Your classes and presence are greatly missed