Wednesday, July 13, 2011



These lovely tomatoes (and about as many more that have already been eaten) came to me by way of Mary yesterday. Mary is yet another lovely and inspiring spirit who comes to class each week. She said she was literally over run with tomatoes in her garden right now, so she brought some to me. What is so cool to me, other than how awesome that Mary thought to bring them, is that a few weeks ago I was thinking of telling the students that I'd take unwanted veggies --because due to the shadiness of my yard I can't grow them (and possibly my brown thumb has something to do with it too). So here she comes in with this great bag of tomatoes for me to totally relish in eating. So sweet.
Tomatoes as a gift of abundance, fullness. There was a lot of talk at the Grand Circle about fullness, purna, and abundance. This fullness of garden reminds me a lot of what Hareesh explained as the creation of all that is. In a paraphrase, he said that Shakti is so full, literally so entirely full of herself that she overflows. It is this overflowing that creates all that is manifest in this world. It is not created out of need, necessity, or desire. We exist simply because she is so full she chooses not to contain herself, and is totally delighted to continue to create without restriction, well past what is "needed."
I think any vegetable gardener this time of year in Virginia can completely relate to the overflowing quality of abundance. All I can say is I'm so grateful for it all... and doesn't it taste good?

Contemplation: Where is your cup overflowing today?

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