Thursday, June 16, 2011

H 2 Oh Yeah... Get cher drink on!

By way of a reminder... it's summertime, up your water intake.

On Monday I got up from sitting on our lounge chair on the back deck and was walking into the house when I got what I generally think of as a sonic boom to my head. It made me lose my balance and fall down and sort-of black out. I fainted, or almost fainted, or something.
This sometimes happens when I practice. Not so much that I fall down usually (though I have fallen at least once) Usually it is that I'm coming up from a forward bend and I lose my bearings for a moment. My head gets cloudy and I get a big pulsation.
I think of it as Shakti .. she's moving fiercely through me awakening my every cell and cooking out impurities.
My doctor seems to think it may have something to do with dehydration. OH, yeah, that too. I think it's so crazy. I'm a yogini I'm like super in touch with my body... but apparently not. I personally don't particularly like to drink and I don't like the feeling of a full belly of water. But I also don't like skinning my knee and elbow, or feeling unsteady on my legs, OR being told not to roll out my mat the week before I go to the Grand Circle. The thing is, we need that water and especially when practicing a yoga that is intense and active such as Anusara. Even without sweat pouring out, I'm doing a massive amount of cleansing and water is the only thing that will help the toxicity move OUT instead of taking up residence elsewhere in my cells.
I'm not sure what the recommendations really are. They change every day it seems, but what makes the most sense to me is to drink until your pee runs clear, and keep it that way. All day. Every day. (and yes, I realize I just wrote pee in my blog! gasp!)
So, that is my reminder to myself and everyone else. Drink more Water! Make yourself float in it, especially as the temperatures climb.
(and just to put aside any wonderings, I'm most definitely NOT expecting, I promise)

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