Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Going to the Circle

I'm getting geared up to go to the Anusara Grand Circle in Vermont next week. I'm excited. Well, I'm very excited and as always a little daunted. This is my first really big Anusara event. So, it really will rock and I need to get over myself. What I'm doing in preparation (instead of tons and tons of crazy asana) is lots of heart-opening practice... meditation, yoga nidra, even some restoratives... so that I'm SO open when I get there that I can absorb and soak in all that is offered. I want to be a big love sponge, because, I know it will be awesome.
Following the Grand Circle will be Wanderlust, VT. I wish I could stay but won't be able to this time.. child at home, you know... but one day I will attend. This video is made by one of my teacher training buddies, Matthew Caton, who also happens to be a cinematographer (like my husband). He released it about a year and a half ago, after the first Wanderlust out west. So check it out and see what this Music/Yoga lovefest is all about... Enjoy!

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