Monday, June 13, 2011

Love Love Love

This morning I sat on my cushion and opened my heart. I did it from the inside, rather than trying to knock my way in which has been my (unsuccessful) practice of late. Instead I created a vacuum in my heart and invited Shakti-Ma, the Divine mother to fill it. And she did. She literally rushed in with the biggest inhale I've felt in a while and that was followed by another and another. And I just sat there filled with love, as Love.

And that's it. Really. That's IT. The point, to me, is Love. All the time.

I think we always say 'you have to learn to love yourself'
but really it should be ' you have to learn you are Love, yourself'

and I think I've finally figured out what I'm meant to be teaching people.

You are Love

(and psst... Love = God = Love, same same)

I Love Ya'll. (if anyone's reading this)


Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

so beautiful, Sarah! you are a shining light and will affect so many people with this teaching....Love you too!

dancingyogini said...

Thanks so much Eliza! I hope I can stand more and more in the light and really share this. It is the direction I am going towards. And may I just say, You are such a total inspiration to me as well. I love the linking of creativity and yoga. thanks for making that connection and inspiring me to keep it going!

Sues scott said...

Hi, this post is so positive, I love your point of view. Keep it up, I found you through Eliza and I'm quietly listening. Enjoy! Sues

Anonymous said...

Hi! Its madaline from your tuesday night class
Just wanted to tell you that I really loved out class tuesday and I really realy loved the music during it!

dancingyogini said...

Hi Madaline -- I'm so glad you enjoyed class, sometimes i just have to rock some music. IT's so fun to have you there and see you rocking the poses each week! see you soon.