Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Playing HOOKY

Mermaid (in stretch jeans, yeouch!)
at Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

I'm totally not going in to teach class tonight even though I'm on the schedule to do it. I'm SO playing hooky. (Responsibly. I did get a sub way in advance and told the class I wouldn't be there). I'm sitting here at home... taking the night OFF. I love to teach. And sometimes I still need a moment when it feels like I have a break and I'm off the hook. Ah.

Well, this night off break is well deserved after my weekend. I had a fun time being with my brother and his family in Colorado. My daughter and I shared many sweet interactions and then flew back last night, landing around midnight. It was super fun but made particularly more fun because I didn't have to worry about planning a class for the day I got back. And I didn't have to worry about keeping up my practice while jet lagged so that I'd be ready to demonstrate anything the day I got back. My brain and my body and my heart all appreciated the break. Taking this little night off is a big step towards taking care of myself. And, it's OK. Thank goodness.
Who knows what the sub will bring them, but I know the students are in good hands. And I, personally, feel super wonderful to linger in my vacation just a few hours longer.

Contemplation: What does it look and feel like to you to "play hooky?"

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