Thursday, June 2, 2011

Magic Moments

The return to my world after the trip has been filled with these little moments of magic. And as we all know, little moments of magic are what make the world so much more fun and our lives anything but ordinary.

  • Yesterday, in the midst of everything (returning from my trip, getting ready for my husband to leave for 10 days, a grouchy 2 year old) I was gifted with time with a girlfriend and her dog to walk through the woods by the river. Richmond is made a very lovely place by having the James River running right by the downtown. And we're lucky to have wild park space on many of the banks. So C and I had time to walk with the doggie into the woods and chat. At one one moment we had this brief second of imaginary play that was so incredibly fun. Just speaking about the possibility of dragons or fairies hiding in the branches sparked such a lightness of heart. Why is it not ok for grown adults to go out into the woods and pretend to be fairy princesses? This must change. I told her next time I'm bringing a fairy wand... maybe wings and a tutu too. It was a taste of magic... and rejuvenation to sit by the water too. but more on that another day.
  • And then in my practice, I realized I never inhale. I mean, obviously I do inhale because if I didn't I wouldn't be able to type, but I never do it with much awareness. I'll be in a pose and say I'm holding this for 10 breaths or something but the breaths are all exhales. So yesterday when I started to inhale. It was -- not to be too cheezy-- a breath of fresh air! My practice of inversions felt magically transformed. From something that is hard work that I have to grunt and groan through to something that was a fun sweet little adventure. How wonderful was that? This will be an ongoing exploration to be sure.
  • And some how I just knew this morning that my day would be up and down and all around and instead of dreading it or running away -- I made sure to meditate AND do a little asana (usually reserved for later) and even with the twisty turns I've stayed much less reactive and have been so centered. THAT really is magic somedays.
Contemplation: What feels like magic for you?

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