Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Listen In

Hey ya'll ... the sloppiest post ever just so i can share with you in a timely manner....

I will come back to this but i've been listening in to the Yoga Teacher Telesummit (you can google it). and yesterday they had Laurie Gerber from the Handel Group and Bernadette Birney from Anusara world and her awesome blog. They talked about linking your yoga and life coaching.

If you read Bernadette's blog and Elena Brower's blog you know that they both use the Handel Group for life coaching, and are seeing amazing results. This appears to be a very practical method for how to literally take your yoga off the mat and DO all the stuff you dream. It is the step-by-step how to method for creating the reality you desire. (and it doesn't just have to be for yogins ya'll, it can be for anybody with a dream)

Well, this call is like a jump start on doing this kind of life coaching, and it rocked! AND, you can listen to it RIGHT HERE. the only thing is, and the reason i'm doing this post as an on the fly submission is, the audio recording of the call is only guaranteed to be available for about 48 hours after the original call.... so that means it will only be available until 1pm EST Thursday (tomorrow) SO that means... stop reading this blog or any other thing, get pencil and paper and listen to the call RIGHT NOW please. (it is about an hour and a half, and totally totally worth it) OH and did i mention, it's FREE. the entire Telesummit is free. more to come on that though.
Anyway, i highly recommend it, especially if you are feeling stuck and incomplete in any area of your life. And please leave a comment if you do listen to it and let me know your reactions.

and now i am going to go take care of my 2 year old and my sick husband.

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