Monday, May 16, 2011

Blast of Sunshine

Here comes the sun,
Here comes the sun
and I say, It's alright - George Harrison

Ah! The ever so lovely and talented and truly loving Lila Pierce Brown came to town this weekend with her surfer musician school teacher partner Mark Dragon and the pair of them offered our community a huge blast of sunshine through some rainy rainy days.
Um. Awesome. Few. Very Few people live up to my idea of what Anusara yoga should be and should feel like... Todd, Ann, John ... Well, Lila lives up to it entirely. If you are ever able to study with her, DO IT. Anyway, can you tell we had an amazing weekend?

They offered two studio style workshops on Saturday. The first was hand balancings with a little bit of backbending and full pigeon. Super fun and inspiring. The second was hip opening and hamstring opening... working towards Surya Yantrasana and other fun poses like that. On Sunday they came to a local health club and offered a fun 90 minute practice focused on play. I think the play came across loud and clear and everyone had a "rockin" fun time.

When I think of this kula here in Richmond I imagine us like a little tiny tiny seedling. We've been in seed form for quite a while and then when I got inspired status last summer and we started building into a somewhat organized community the tiny plant cracked the shell and started to come out. It is just a teeny tiny little seedling of growth, with not much showing above the level of the soil, but we are here.
This weekend felt like we suddenly got our first real bright and sunny day with the full force of sunshine radiating on all of us. It was very sweet and magical. Our seedling just sent down deeper roots and got a massive craving to grow grow grow.

I have so much gratitude to Lila and to Mark for being the amazing people who they are for making this happen for us. I also have tremendous gratitude to my friend, Niki who, well, ROCKS! She has been building an Anusara outlet for a long time and has so graciously supported me in all the that I am doing. And of course I have so much gratitude to all the students who came out and supported Lila and Mark and supported Anusara this weekend. It was a shakti-filled magical moment right here at home. So. Sweet.

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