Sunday, January 2, 2011


In contemplating New Year's Resolutions... Intention setting for the next cycle... many people offer many goals, or guiding questions, but the one I like comes from Anodea Judith:

"What do you offer this world?"

I spent a few hours two days ago contemplating my intentions for the 2011 cycle. I looked at them in different areas of my life: Relationships with my husband, child, family and friends, Practice, Studentship/Certification track, Teaching/professional, Physical Health, Emotional Health, and Personal Growth. Pages of thoughts and lists more than 10 items long in each category is what came out. Totally do-able I believe.
But looking back over it all with this Anodea Judith question in mind really hones it all in and brings me to the depth of what is real and what is important for me.
The over arching intention for this 2011 cycle is to be more and more skillful at offering Love. To be more skillfull at serving the Shakti in a way that takes me out of the center of the circle where I always want to put myself and places the other there where I can offer love in the best way I know how, and in the way that they truly need it. Because, honestly, if I can rock astavakrasana and I get new business cards and re-design the blog but am a total ego maniac or big time B---- I am not at all helping the world in any way. If, instead I can help show people how wonderful, worthy, and deserving they are in this life then I am helping again and again to change the world for the better.
Thing is, I'm a really loving person. I just get caught up sometimes in the expressing of it. So the flipside or the go along with this intention is to Live life as myself. Not my limited self, but my true authentic self. If I am living from my heart as myself I am living in a way that automatically places the other first and allows me to deeply deeply love and express love. And it's not an act. Now, to let the light of love shine!

Contemplation: What do you offer the world? and What are your intentions for 2011?

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