Friday, January 7, 2011


Dearest Darling Blog --- Oh how I've been avoiding you. Begin Whine: But I've been cleaning up from the holidays, visiting with friends, making a vision board, setting intentions, (watching TV), going to class, cooking for a friend, doing the laundry (watching TV), practicing, meditating (watching TV), cooking for my family, and reading a little. It's a lot to live this life. Yes, I have plenty of excuses... I have been quite busy, you know.
But the truth of it all. The TRUTH you ask for... I'm shifting and changing and sorting through. I'm going to a place of depth and asking a lot of questions. And, I'm a little unsure of what to tell you. And in return, I'm ignoring you. (if you must know, I've also been on facebook quite a bit, i know you hate that.... sorry!) You're calling out, I hear it. I even have several different posts percolating in my brain at this very moment. And I want to tell you it all. But for the moment avoidance is my game. I know we can't play this cat and mouse forever. I'll break down and give up all my secrets. Right now, let's just say 2011 is finally starting to take shape in my mind and heart in a real and authentic way.... not as a put on of what I think I should do... it's just been a process to get there.
Finally, though, I'm excited and feeling a fit. So I'm hopeful to stop avoiding you and start our conversation again. That is, when all my busy work (watching TV) is done.
Love, Sarah

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