Thursday, November 11, 2010

John's Words

It's an all John week around here I suppose. Quotes come early this week as I'll be driving tomorrow to go to PA. Here are some lovely quotes from the 2nd Anusara Grand Gathering that happened in September.

"You are a standing Mudra of your heart ... Your body holds the memory of the fundamental goodness of life. To get in touch with love, we just soften our skin, and we feel."

"On our yoga mat, we alchemize all these things, we open to them and then use them to our advantage, turn them into blessings. We have a choice to make. We open to embrace everything. I'll face anything. This is a Warrior with love in his heart!"

I'm looking forward to bolstering the Warrior in my heart and getting a BIG HIT of LOVE this weekend.

These quotes and a description of the practice with him can be found in: A New Huffington Post Article on John by Eva Norlyk Smith, Ph.D.
  • Thorns working themselves out
  • Trees
  • Maymont
  • Long Girlchild naps
  • Photos from long ago
  • a Listening ear
  • Students coming tonight
  • Mom coming tonight -- therefore, time for a walk together tomorrow

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