Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seeing John

Photo from John's Wiki page

One thing I really enjoy from my students is when they ask questions and seem generally interested in what I have to offer. But the asking of questions is what really sparks my interest and helps me fine tune what I teach them.
I'm going up to PA this weekend for a workshop with John Friend. Every time I've seen John he has asked the crowd for questions. I generally don't ask anything ... waiting for others to ask and then sitting back like an empty vessel, waiting to be filled. This is largely because I don't personally know John and then feel that I am not able to ask. But I realize not asking questions, which I also think of as being a "good student," doesn't exactly help to move me along personally... and also keeps my teachers from knowing how totally invested and jazzed up I am about what they are teaching.
Well, this week it occurred to me that I could ask him a question. Yes, even me. I am worthy of asking the amazing JF a question. And so I've been trying to figure out what to ask. What do you ask the guy who knows everything? What is the one thing I would like answered? A lot of anatomy/practice questions come up first... but I can find a certified teacher for those. So, what is something even deeper that I'd like John's thoughts on. Hmmm.... I still have not figured it out. But, I will, and if the opportunity presents itself I will ask him something this time.

  • Max taking the Babe away yesterday morning so I had almost an hour of quiet without having to answer questions or entertain or move furniture. Whew!
  • Friends who share their struggles and allow me to learn from them along the way
  • Yoga students who show up for class even though it's now dark outside when we start
  • My washer and dryer
  • Home cooked meals and the freezer to store them in so I can have MANY meals off of one day of cooking.
Contemplation: What would you ask the ONE in the know in the world of your passion? What would you want to know from John? What do you appreciate?

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