Friday, October 1, 2010

Muscular Energy

Week 2 of my Series was dedicated to Muscular Energy. The second Universal Principle of Alignment (TM) in Anusara and Anusara-Inspired yoga.
Here's my explanation...

This weekend my husband and I are giving a party for Babe's 2nd birthday. We haven't entertained in any large way since before she was born so we figured it was time. The idea of the party is really exciting to me. I want to see my friends, I want to treat them, I want to be together with people and celebrate our child (and also that our house is turning 100, and our marriage is turning 5). The Idea is wonderful. The reality is I'M THROWING A PARTY ON SUNDAY.... I have a LOT to do. Beginning this morning I have to clean house, shop for food, shop for paper goods, decorate, bake and frost about 1,000 cupcakes, monitor the guest list, clear up the yard and deck, put together an iPod mix, and in many other ways bring everything together for the moment of magic that will be this party!
THAT is Muscular Energy! One idea bringing everything together. Once everything is together you can proceed through the rest of the principles and have a party of a practice, but without Muscular Energy-- your party is a dud, and your practice is not safe or fun.
I think the main point for me about Muscular Energy, and the part I tend to skip and forget is that it starts on the Inner Body. It starts with the idea, or the remembrance of who we are... Supreme Consciousness. THEN from the outside everything comes IN to that.
Muscular Energy moves from skin to muscle to bone, moves from the outer edges to the midline, and from the periphery of the body to the core. It creates power and empowerment. It also creates safety and stability. And, let's face it, in some ways it is the easiest principle to master.. at least, the easiest to feel and create.
Going back to the party metaphor, you really want all of your cells to come to the party, but you have to invite them. You have to purposefully engage every cell, every muscle, ligament, joint, every part into the collective whole. Then the party will be a total success.
With that I'm off to the store to get my own party preparations underway!

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