Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Handstands Update

We're coming to the end of the month of September and I want to report back on a happening in my pose of the month. Remember we were working on Handstand held for a little bit longer... And, well, that's what's happening for me. I'm holding it for a little bit longer, and a little bit longer. Last week we had our local Anusara (inspired, without the paperwork) teachers' practice and one of the girls was chatting away and I just went up in Handstand and stayed and stayed without the wall. I LOVE that.

But, the real breakthrough came on Sunday in my class. One of the students who is new to me but has become an instant regular kicked up to handstand at the wall for the first time! WOO-HOO! This is amazing since she could barely hold L-pose (half handstand) a few weeks ago when she started. Now she is queen of melting her heart and is working on keeping Muscular Energy in her arms and the handstand just happened. She was totally thrilled to get there and I'm thrilled for her. Hooray for Handstands!

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