Saturday, October 2, 2010


Alternate Title for this post: Nocturnal Transmissions

Prenatal Warrior 2 - 2008

Two nights ago Todd and John showed up in my dream again. They drop in from time to time. This time Max and I were walking down the street and came upon a small group standing outside as if they were leaving a hotel and waiting for a car. Todd was on the outside and I said to Max "oh, there's Todd" and then John walked right up to me. He said very clearly "you'll really take it up if you get your thigh back in Vira II" and that was it.
In Daniel Odier's Yoga Spandikarika he mentions that as the practice increases you start to dream about your teachers. Then if the link is very strong you start to receive teachings in your dreams. I did have a consistently very strong practice this week, but I have to say that teachings about the alignment of my Warrior II are not exactly the type of teachings I'm expecting. On the other hand, it was helpful. I looked at Vira II and my thigh is still forward. (how that is possible after 6 years of Anusara is beyond me!) On a deeper level I think the dreams with Todd and John just remind me again of the power of connection to teachers that exists even without physical proximity.

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