Thursday, October 7, 2010

Continuing the Series

This evening will be week 3 of my Fundamentals of Anusara-Inspired series. If you've been reading along or are actually taking the series you know we've been working through the 5 Universal Principles of Alignment one by one. The first week was Set the Foundation/Open to Grace, Second Muscular Energy and now we're on to week 3.
Week 3 is a bit of a conundrum. Principle 3 is Inner Spiral (to be explained at a later date). So it would make sense to go with IS next. BUT Inner Spiral is a refinement of the two main pulsating principles of Muscular Energy and it's complementary contrasting principle Organic Energy. Organic Energy is actually principle 5. And now we're to the halfway point of the series and I have to wonder if anyone is getting any of these principle things anyway. Maybe they'd all just like to do some yoga and have me keep quiet so they can get their zen on. ... Well, I do think they're actually interested, so i'm going to keep teaching... besides this is what they signed up for and are paying me for, right? Right.
ANYHOO... at this point in the series and in blogging about the series we're going to SKIP principles 3 and 4 and jump headlong into principle 5, Organic Energy. I hope you can follow me. I promise next week we'll return to a more linear model of exploring the UPAs.
Until then, I've added 2 videos and an article in the three posts below this one that can maybe help to explain the 5 UPAs in yet another way. Enjoy!

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