Thursday, June 10, 2010


At the end of teacher training we were asked three questions:

What is your intention?
How can you Support yourself in this Intention?
How can you bring more Ananda (beauty, love, joy, creativity) into this world?

From a very soft, connected, and open hearted place my answers came....

What is your intention?
Open to Grace and let her guide me
Love my family just as they are
Love my friends and students just as they are
Celebrate this life and everyone in it
Make my practice and my classes a hymn to the divine

How can I support myself?
Open to Grace, Remember every day to Open to Grace
Create Affirmations and Artwork of them -- make them real and sacred
Keep Asking questions and come back to beginner's mind
Keep connecting
Trust my Intuition - follow Grace
Stay connected and build a web of support

How can I bring more Ananda?
Radically Love and Affirm myself, my husband, my child, and our family
Radically Love and Affirm others - and teach them to do it for themselves
Listen to what is being asked for and Serve the Shakti

Dance & Party & Celebrate!!!!

This is my starting place to move forward.

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