Thursday, June 10, 2010

Foundations and Openings

Today I got a call from one of my friends to come and sub her class. I was a little bummed because I was actually planning to take the class. But I am happy to support her whenever I can.

With very little time to prepare I went where my heart led to create the theme for the class. And my heart led right to the beginning: Set the Foundation and Open to Grace. First Principle. And, as always, I was amazed by the beauty that unfolded in the class when I actually asked the students to pay attention and to move with their breath. Somehow the poses seemed to open in a new way for them and for me as their teacher. I had no plan, no sequence to draw from when I walked through the door, but I found that the more I set my heart in my own foundation of knowledge as a teacher and then opened to the energy that the class fed to me the easier everything came.

We ended with some backbending... supported Salambasana with a friend then to bridge and upward facing bow. When supported locust came up I asked a student to demo as I assisted her. Somehow the magical words came right into my mouth and I realized that here we were as the total picture of foundation and Open to Grace coming together. I set my foundation of my feet and used my arms to steady and stabilize her as i lifted her heart. She softened and Opened to Grace and Opened her Heart and Beauty poured forth. Even though this was a pose I've taught before and they've practiced before, this time it felt magical to me.

And that's one piece that I love about teaching yoga. These totally Grace filled magical moments happen right before my eyes and when I'm really paying attention, I pause and drink it in. That is Chit/Ananda.

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