Sunday, June 13, 2010

Returning to Radiance

Last night i was cranky. Actually, i was cranky from the moment i woke up yesterday (at 5:45 am) to a cranky child. her mood improved, mine did not. So by the time evening fell last night and she was finally asleep i decided i needed to do something to plug back into my connection to Source. it was like i was disconnected, unplugged, too worldly and too much drawn into ME and not into my heart and the heart of the universe.
So i told my husband i was going up to read and sleep (totally exciting on a saturday night, i know!) and i pulled out the Radiance Sutras translation by Lorin Roche PhD, that i'd picked up at YTT this last time. And i read the whole book. it was awesome in that quick read and did just what i needed it to do.. rebooted me in spirt mode. i'll go back and actually dive in a digest them. each sutra was such a gem of wisdom and power, it could take years for full digestion. but one stands out to me today and i'll share it with you... (i think that the first line includes dark chocolate is one indication that i'm on the right path in my choice to be Tantric minded)

Sutra 49

Eating dark chocolate
A ripe apricot
Your favorite treat -
Savor the expanding joy in your body
Nature is offering herself to you.
How astonishing
To realize this world can taste so good

When sipping some ambrosia,
Raise your glass,
Close your eyes,
Toast the universe -
The Sun and Moon and Earth
Danced together
To bring you this delight.
Receive the nectar on your tongue
As a kiss of the divine.

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Eliza said...

oh my gosh, beautiful! I want to go get the Radiance Sutras and read it right now! Toast to the Universe! Sarah, your new blog space looks beautiful and inspiring! It will be so wonderful to check in and keep up with you this way as you dance your way through your yogic journey! I feel so lucky to witness your dance and dance along with you!