Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Apologies

John Friend describes apologizing after teaching his first class. "I'm sorry" "I'm so sorry." That's how I feel after I teach Hip Openers. I don't know what the deal is but I feel like I have to apologize for teaching a big long hip opening sequence. What is funny about it is that John says that those students in the first class enthusiastically thanked him for the practice... and, that's exactly what happens to me after I teach a Hip Opening sequence. People look at me with a far off dreamy gaze and utter words of thanks in a way that let's me know it was an effective practice for them. It's usually something along the lines of: "That was SOOOO good." and it's said in a way that might make my husband suspicious if he didn't know what we were up to. I assume they then make the way home and off into bed and hopefully into a deep deep sleep with a deeply soothed body and mind. (this would be for the evening classes)

And so, comes the confession. I've been a Hip Opening slacker in the last few years. As I've attended fewer classes and been on my own for practice, I just haven't done them as often. It's partially because my hips are pretty darn open, especially after having a baby. And it's also because I haven't seen the value. And I hate to confess to not seeing the benefit, and even to being remiss in any part of my practice. But, after probably almost 3 years of slacking on Hip Openers I'm finding a new appreciation for them in the life of my practice.
Here's what Hip Openers have been doing for me lately:
  • Increasing circulation in my legs, hips, pelvis, and lower back
  • Increasing range of motion in those places
  • Promoting a general sense of calm peacefulness and even groundedness
  • Releasing stored creative energy
  • Improving digestion
  • Increasing apana and therefore decreasing anxiety
  • Increasing my energy level in a very calm way
  • Calming my brain enough that I get quiet enough to actually let go for a while (soothing my nervous system and deeper into my koshas I believe)
  • Promoting stillness in my body, which I seldom experience except if I'm asleep

And well, I just feel better when I make sure to keep them as a steady, regular part of my practice. They aren't super showy. They aren't a huge aerobic workout. The general ones don't particularly challenge me (but that's just in my mind, taking class with Desiree Rumbaugh two weeks ago alerted me to my own negligence on building power through hip opening). But they do calm, relax and re-energize me every time I practice them. Who wouldn't want that?

And so, I think it's time to introduce hip openers more regularly to my classes and to stop apologizing for it. Ya'll get ready... creativity and peace are about to crack wide open in the seat of your hips!

What is your favorite Hip Opening posture and why? And what benefit do you get from a hip opening practice?


Audra said...

Ah, hip openers! Even though my hips are fairly open (or, I should say, not as tight as they could be,) there is still something so juicy about them, always. When I heard, I was even more sad to have missed!

I was inspired by the Grand Circle to take a short hooping class that starts at the end of this month, so I'll be switching from Tuesdays to Sundays (when there's no immersion) for a while --- hopefully returning to BOTH days in the Fall, when camping season is over. Anyways, the point of that whole statement -- I hope that some of those hip openers make it to Sunday! I want, I want! :)

dancingyogini said...

Awesome about the hooping. we'll miss you in class but i'm sure you'll have a great time. enjoy all the camping and immersing. and i'll look forward to hearing all about it. And no worries, the hip openers will definitely be coming to a Sunday near you. Enjoy! S