Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is Here

Jai Sarasvati! Hooray! Spring has finally finally finally arrived! Everyone around me seems to be commenting on how long and cold this winter was. And yes, I'm ready to move out of the dark cold into the warm light ... both physically and emotionally.

John reminds us in one of his videos that you can't force a bloom. You have to wait and be patient. You have to wait for the pulsation of nature to awaken the flower and let it unfold on its own time. If you try to rip open the bud, you destroy the beauty of the bloom with no chance of repairing it. He says the same about opening the hips. Wait, be patient, align with the forces of nature and let them work on you... then you'll see the beauty of unfolding hips (and with that a very happy low back and hamstrings).
And it's true of the heart too. I'm working through "stuff" these days. Not at all unwelcome, actually quite expected and welcome, but still not exactly easy. And so I'm trying to apply the same principles as I do in my yoga. First, and foremost, Open my heart by being Open to Grace. That means, wait, be patient, above all Align with the Divine, she will never lead me astray. That, and trust that all things (even my stubborn little heart) will open in natural time.
With those reminders, I take a deep breath and enjoy the sweetest perfume of this radiant new springtime in my heart and outside my window!

Contemplation: What are you enjoying about the rebirth of the Earth this year?

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