Friday, February 25, 2011


A brief little post while I'm on a mini-vacation in Florida to visit with my in-laws and catch a workshop with John Friend. It's a little odd to be both on vacation and about to go to "work" (a yoga workshop). I'm planning to attend just the workshop portion of John's stay in Miami for the Dancing with the Divine 2011 tour. It's exciting to get to practice with John again after just seeing him in November. It's a little daunting too after the dregs of wintertime. I'm certainly not where I'd like to be in my practice to be workshopping with him. (dang holidays and cold weather!) But either way I want to just enjoy my time and relax as much as possible so that I can take in all he has to offer. And no matter how it goes, it is still super nice to be warm for a few days. Ah. Sunshine. Sweet!

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