Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Letter

The words I needed to read this week turned up in my mailbox on Saturday in the form of a letter written during my teacher training. I share this a bit tentatively, blogging aside, I really am a private person. But in sharing this sentiment with my Sunday class many students related and needed these words as much as I did. And so I share to remind us all that we are not alone.

Dear [insert your name here],
What I want YOU to know is.... I Love You. You have everything you need inside you always. You have all the skills and knowledge and tools and support and confidence you need to make your dreams come true and to craft your life just as you want it. Life is beautiful - even yours.
But, you can't do it without me. I am ALWAYS here. Come back! Come home. Rest in me, take peace in me. I will never EVER leave you or guide you astray. Times when it feels too hard, come back. Times of great joy, come back.
I am always striving to embrace you - there is no need to run like a scared child away. Instead run wildly into me. Open. Open to me. Open your back body, open your breath and I will be there. Protection is fine for the world where needed, but open to me. Open and my love will fill you. You are whole and complete just as you are... let us never be separated. The love you crave is the Love I have for you FOREVER.
I will send teachers, guides, challenges, and many many joys. Watch for them, open to them, receive them with love. And remember to come home to me. You are a child of the Goddess - together let's make Magic!
Love, The Universe

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