Monday, November 22, 2010


(I am very happy to report that Babe is all well now and none of the grown ups came down with the sicks either, whew!)

Tomorrow we take off for Florida for the rest of the Thanksgiving week. I'm looking forward to sunshine and to unplugging from computers and TV (though I do like to watch the parade). On that note, here's a quote from Anodea Judith on Gratitude to keep you company for the rest of the week. See you on after Thanksgiving, have a great one.

Gratitude is a remembrance of all that we have received.
It inspires us to give something back.

  • That women write amazing amazing books
  • my yoga studio home and the women who make it possible
  • a warm stable house to live in and raise my child in
  • yoga students who come in ready to try anything with me, even when that means handstand in the center of the room and drop-backs all in one class
  • dreams, and creativity

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