Friday, September 10, 2010

Pose of the Month: September 2010

I realize I'm a bit late getting this up here, travel travel travel is my only excuse.

Anyway. Let's go for good old fashioned handstand this month. I could use work not on getting up, but on staying up once I get there. I tend to go up and then play around with balance and end up falling rather quickly. So this month, let's play with staying up for a while. Keep connected to the wall if you need to and stay for 10 breaths, or if 10 is easy... stay for 1 minute, or if 1 is easy... stay for 5. You get the idea. Go up, stay up, and challenge yourself!
This pose is easy to work with if you're not quite there yet. Practice downward facing dog, and 3 legged dog. Or practice 1/2 handstands. You can also play around with getting a good strong push and swing with your legs to build power towards getting to the wall or your friend's support.
But,whatever you do, STAY PUT.

Some poses that could help with handstands are:
Plank to build the heart melt and stamina, arms hug the midline
Downward facing dog heart melt and stamina, arms hug the midline
Parsvottanasana to open the hamstrings
Standing Split to strengthen and open the hamstrings

And, as with any inversion, check your foundation first and make sure you have that good juicy heart melt with your shoulders working all the principles.

Handstand for me is a fun pose and one that I took very lightly as I learned it. If you're not there yet, just laugh each time you come down and try again. Let it go. It's a great pose for that.
And when you ARE there, build that stick in there attitude and play play play. Hopefully once we've all expanded our time in handstand all month this pose will have some real power and energy, and when we finally come to floating up all on our own in the center of the room, it will be No Sweat to stay for hours.
Enjoy! leave a comment if you give it a shot.


Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

I've been taking your advice and doing lots of handstands and backbends to keep myself energized this month. I try to go up in handstand at least once a day, if not more. I still am working at the wall, but amazed at how each week, I seem to be able to hold it a little longer and steadier and stronger off the wall! P.S...can't wait to see the demo video you did!

dancingyogini said...

Right on Eliza! You'll be wall free in no time. I'm so amazed at all you have taken on this fall, you are inspiring! and i hope your school work, classes, workshops and all are going well. i know your blog is totally busy! and i'm working on getting a copy of the video then i'll put a little something up for all to see. ha!