Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did you Notice??

Anusara Yoga right on the cover of this months Yoga Journal.
Here is the cover of the August issue of Yoga Journal (why do I have it in June then?). With a beautiful photo of Wild Thing. If you don't know already, Wild Thing is an Anusara/John Friend invention that is being adopted by other styles of course. Douglas Brooks gave it a sanskrit name that is not in my brain right now, but translates as: The Ecstatic Unfolding of the Enraptured Heart. How's that for a pose name?
If you want to see some behind the scenes shots of the making of the cover and to hear from the model, follow this link on over to Yoga Journal. And enjoy ecstatically unfolding your heart next time you try Wild Thing

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Ginger Coy said...

Hi Sarah,
This is my friend Marni Sclaroff, who also teaches at Yoga Kula in San Francisco on the cover of Yoga Journal. She is in Wild Thing, Camatkarasana (pronounced Chamat karasana), Ectastic Unfoldment of your Heart. Isn't she beautiful?!