Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Housekeeping: Connections

OK. Once in a while you get a housekeeping post. Nothing super crazy inspirational but more just here's what's up.... here's what you should know.

So, here's what you should know if you're wanting to stay connected with anything I've got going on, and with KulaRVA. (the Richmond Anusara peeps) Super easy!

  • Facebook it -- you can join the Richmond Anusara Kula on facebook. This is great for keeping up with the larger RVA Anusara stuff. AND I now have my own facebook page at SarahFischerYoga join me there to get little mini-reflections on my classes, short quotes, inspiration, and teasers for upcoming classes
  • Monthly Email -- Every month I send out the KulaRVA email that tells the schedule of anything going on that month or planned for the future. If you want to be added just shoot me an email at or leave your email address in the comments below.
  • Kula Jam! -- Come out! Every 3rd Saturday we have a kula practice party from 2 to 4 at Yoga Source. It is a gathering of all of us who are interested in Anusara and want to continue to play with it. It is totally informal and meant to be fun and community building. We keep it as a donation based class with a $10 suggested donation but as I say we'll accept $100 and we'll accept $0, we'd just love to see you.
  • My Website -- I don't do SO much with my website, but I do keep a calendar of events of anything local or regional going on. It's worth checking in there from time to time. I try to get things onto the blog, but often they go on the events calendar much further in advance than they go on the blog.
There you have it. Four ways to keep up with me and the rest of the Anusara peeps around Richmond. (And of course, the best way is always to get yourself to class and keep coming back, you'll make friends for life) Let's get together soon!

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