Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You know they say it's Fight or Flight. I seriously just freeze. Maybe it's like I'm playing possum or something. Which if you haven't seen that technique in action, (like my hubby and I did a few years ago when our dogs cornered a possum) I'll just tell you, it doesn't work well.

Tomorrow I'm inheriting a level 2/3 class from a senior teacher who is moving out of the area. It has not been an Anusara-Inspired class (as I'm all we've got in town). But it is a class with a teacher that have been around FORever! It is actually the class I've been choosing to take lately. And to be honest, I'm a little daunted at the task of taking it on. Dude, these students really know what they're doing. I have to be ON MY GAME. And, this is the first class that I've ever inherited, all others I've built from the ground up. This teacher is an extremely tough act to follow with many years of experience. So, I'm a little frozen when it comes to class planning.
I kind of want it to be exactly just right and Perfect. And, the problem is, Perfect doesn't exist, so maybe I'll have to settle for doing my best instead. All I know at this point is that I'm going in there with the theme of cycles of life and of nature. Everything is created, exists, and dissolves... even our favorite yoga teachers in our favorite classes... this is the cycle of life, and yoga is about getting in tune with life, saying Yes to life, even when we'd rather say No.

With that thought in mind, I guess I'd better go find a pose or two to teach to any lovely lovely student who dares brave the substitute teacher in the morning. Not that I could teach them anything they don't already know.

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