Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Forward

Yesterday was my birthday. 33. It was a sweet day that started with cuddles in bed with my sweets. That was followed by much relief of my mom duties in favor of being able to do what was in my own heart to do. So though it was a very low key birthday, it was also quite sweet. I am rarely at leisure to do whatever I feel like whenever I feel like. Yesterdays freedom was a gift. (thanks, Max).
The other thought for yesterday would have been to celebrate in true Anusara style with 33 dropbacks. I don't practice dropbacks just yet, not on my own that is, so I thought I'd go for 33 Urdhva Dhanurasanas. Then, naptime didn't happen and so yoga practice didn't happen and that plan was scrapped for the time being.
But I do want to try it. Sometime in the next week or so. 33 UDs. I was thinking instead of just practicing and doing them all at once, I could probably get them in pretty easily if I do them in sets of 3 -- 11 times throughout my day. Thinking of it that way seems pretty manageable. The only thing I worry about is not being 'warmed-up' enough for them.
This reminds me of something John taught on in one of the last workshops I attended. He said "make every breath count". He told a story about having to do a demonstration with only about 10 minutes warning that he would be doing it. With no time to warm-up it was imperative that he soften, and also become very attentive and then move very clearly with the breath. Make the breath count he said, as he led us from one down dog and zero sun salutations into 1-minute handstands. Make every breath and really every moment count he reminded us as we left the workshop for we do not know when or even if we will meet again.
I guess that's the whole point really. Why practice 33 UDs in sets of 3 throughout the day? To celebrate a milestone, certainly, but more to remember to make every moment of this life I've been given count. To attend to every breath, come back into the present moment, and never take one instant for granted.

Contemplation: What could you stand to add a little breath awareness into in your life? And, wanna do one of my backbends for me? please do!

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