Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

I have some ideas for you if you don't already have any of your own. I know I'm a little late for Chanukah because it started tonight, but you could do a bit of this by next week and still fit it in.
Here are some random thoughts on gift giving this year. Not all are green, not all are "yogic" but it's what I have to offer.

  • Make Something - ok, if you're going to do this it's about time to get started. You probably don't need a reminder from me to make something yourself if you're the crafty type. But if you're not sure what to make for a lady you know (or, say, your favorite yoga teacher) just know that Circle scarves are very popular right about now and they seem pretty darn easy if you are at all skilled in the yarn arts department. I myself am planning to make at least one as a gift (and some fingerless gloves) as soon as I finish the meditation shawl on my crochet hook.
  • Cook Something - A twist on the holiday baking bonanza might be to make a hearty, healthy and warming soup to deliver to a good friend. I am definitely into enjoying soup lately and it seems like just the antidote to all the extra sugar that will pour into my life for the next month. Or, you could bake your favorite cookies, or bread, or invite friends to share a meal in some way. Cooking a meal filled with love is a wonderful gift to give to others.
  • Toys for Tots - A few years ago instead of buying my friends more stuff that they didn't need I asked them each what their favorite toy was as a child. Then I bought them each that toy and donated it in their honor to Toys for Tots. I think it made us all happy. It was fun to shop for toys and they liked that they got just what they wanted and also nothing more to fill their homes.
  • Charitable Donations - This comes along the same lines as Toys for Tots. Max recently read an article that noted that charitable donations are down these days. And that the wealthy are still giving, but they're giving to the arts, and not so much to service organizations and those who really need the financial assistance. In that light, this year we decided to give a lump donation in honor of all of our friends and co-workers rather than buy a bunch of small things that will be consumed or trashed in a few weeks. It's nice to do this for one person or a group of people if you especially know what folks are passionate about. I, personally, am passionate about Food and Education. I think everyone should have unlimited access to both. So, we're donating to a service that will feed others. I'm sure our friends/co-workers will be honored
  • Service Gift Cards - If you're reading this blog you're either in my family or interested in yoga in some way. If you're into yoga you probably know someone in some other form of bodywork. The folks who make their living doing bodywork (massage, dance therapy, reiki, rolfing, nia etc) could use a little support in this economy. Why not give the gift of a massage from your friend to another friend. Or ask for it yourself. If you live here in RVA I have a great suggestion for you. Ahhhhh Massage. Ahhhhhh!
  • Shop Etsy - Still want to buy something? It's quite likely you know someone with an Etsy shop. You know, Etsy the craft website. Buy from your friend, or send your friends there to shop. If you don't have a friend, check out MY friend Eliza's amazing Yoga inspired works at her etsy shop. or at least poke around on Etsy to find something one of a kind, amazing, and supportive of arts/crafts. Check out these beauties by Eliza... Sigh!

  • Yoga - It goes without saying that yoga transforms lives. Well mine definitely and many others too. This is a good time of year to pass on the gift of total transformation. Ideally, send someone to a class. Local studios could use your support with a gift card purchase. Or if you're not likely to make it out to the studio, buy a DVD to pass on to a friend. And if you're lucky enough to be a teacher, give to friends and family in home or a pass to see you in class. You'll all feel better after this one.
  • Time - Possibly the hardest to give but the best received. Do you know someone who stretches too thin with all they have to do? Help out. Give them a break. Like, babysit for a friend so the parents can go out. Offer to help someone carry out all the old stuff from the attic. Sit with an aging relative and listen to old stories again and again. Anything you can think of that gives someone else some relief is purely magical. But make it tangible. Sure, you can give a coupon but then require the receiver to actually USE it. Put it on both of your calendars and make it happen

So, my friends those are my thoughts for this year. one more little thought, if you're giving books consider Used. Super easy on amazon or even better at your local used bookstore. SO easy and better for this world (wish I'd remembered that this morning when I picked up some new ones. ack!)

leave a thought: What are you doing to make your holidays special? How does your holiday gift giving balance with your yoga ideals? What would your Toys for Tots gift be?

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Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

thanks so much for the shout out Sarah! You are a sweetheart! love to you and your family this holiday!