Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taking on and Taking Care

How did it get to be Thursday already with no other posts? That just doesn't seem possible. BUT it is Thursday and all you've heard from me is Sesame Street... actually, that's all I've heard from me, I've been on lots of Mom-duty while Max is working. November is going to be a heavy Mom-duty month I believe.

In reflecting back on last week's post about over scheduling and expecting too much from myself I'm realizing (as always) that it's not a matter of doing too much, but of balancing what I'm taking on with having enough taking CARE of myself.

A few weeks ago, I advised my friend Eliza at Art Asana to really use the poses for their benefits when she was taking on some new classes and workshops and school (whew! I'm glad I'm not writing my thesis right now). Backbending and Handstands for energy when a lot is being asked. And I've been making an effort to really strengthen and build up my home asana practice. Then I realized with my series taking off, that I could use some extra energy myself and so committed to more backbending and more handstands... especially on days when I teach. And, it helps. I feel more energized and open for teaching in the evening when I've practiced heart opening earlier in the day.
I kind of forgot that if I'm ramping up my active asana... I could also stand to ramp up my restoratives and restful yoga at the same time. Without the balance of restoratives and more rest, I feel frazzled, spun out and empty. I want to whine and NOT get on the mat.
Why is it so hard to think of a restorative practice as a "real" or "worthy" or "worthwhile" practice? Why is it so hard to take the time to take care of myself? To feel that rest is a positive way to spend my time? If I'm not striving, pushing, doing, expanding, I'm not actually helping myself. How backwards is that reasoning?
So, now, today actually, I'm re-instituting my (at least) one restorative practice a week routine. I'm also going back to building in Yoga Nidra and extra long guided savasanas.
My hope is that I will leave this next session of the series in a more balanced, less frazzled place than I left the last session. That will be ideal as the holiday season approaches.

Speaking of the holiday season. For the month of November I'm keeping track of what I appreciate in my life from day to day. I'll blog more about this in an upcoming post. But now I'll share a few thoughts on what I appreciate for today:
  • That my daughter is getting old enough to entertain herself for a few minutes at a time so I can cook or blog or take a shower without a two year old on my legs
  • good conversation with good friends
  • flexibility in my schedule
  • a rainy day that falls on the same day as my restorative practice, nothing like rain to set the mood.
Ah. With that I'm off to put my legs up the wall. Do the same and have a great Thursday!

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