Wednesday, October 20, 2010

GO for it!

Goddess Wisdom Tree Unfinished
Have the experience of letting go into life. - Todd Norian

On Sunday I found myself in the place of having some unknown amount of free time on my hands. This is entirely vexing! Free time is a high commodity in my life as a mom of a 2-year-old, so having any at all is a gift. But, not knowing how much time I have in a given stretch is frustrating to say the least. I mean, can I just check email, or can I check email, read a book, write a blog post, do some quilting or sewing, and make dinner in the time that I have before she wakes up from her nap?

What I've noticed is that facing the unknown has been holding me back lately. Not knowing how much time I have, instead of starting out just to have to quit when the time comes, I've been not even bothering to start. I think my reasoning is that I don't want to do the work of getting out the supplies for whatever the project is, only to have to clean up 5 minutes into it. Or some other excuse. Of course, the problem with this is lots of time lost to doing unproductive and non-soul feeding things when I could've had a positive experience of doing something I actually enjoy. Like MAKE something.... quilt, scarf, dinner, artwork.... something. (and reading about making those things does not count)

So on Sunday, I had that same problem. Yoga was done, Babe was sleeping, but who knew how long she would nap? I knew I needed to MAKE, CREATE something. But what to do?
Finally, after several attempts at starting things that didn't inspire. I asked myself this question that I used to ask therapy patients...
"What would you do if....?"
"What would I do if I didn't have to worry about time today?"
The answer was very quick, I'd DRAW. So I grabbed markers and paper and drew a picture until she woke up. It was entirely pleasing and soothing, no matter the unskilled quality of the artwork. For me it's always about the process not the product of creation. Same with asana.

I realized I make so many excuses in my life for why I "can't" do X, Y, or Z. Maybe they are valid excuses, but often times probably not. When I let go of the self-imposed restraints and actually tune into my body/mind/heart I find myself in a much happier and more soothed mood. Sometimes I have to remind myself... Step out of the box (that you put yourself into) and GO for it. Sometimes the GOs are big, sometimes small, but it's always worth it to me to take the steps.

Contemplation: What would I do if {I wasn't being held back by X, Y, or Z}? Now try GOing for it!

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