Friday, September 24, 2010


My Fundamentals Series started last night. Six very sweet souls showed up and I know I have another signed up for the remaining 5 weeks. Lucky Number 7.
Last night being the first night we started at the beginning. Set the Foundation and Open to Grace. I say it is the beginning, but in reality it is the holding principle for all others and all of life. Set the Foundation. Open to Grace. I could just type that in the blog each day and that would be enough.
Recently I made a mind-blowing break through in my thoughts about Grace. I had had a wishy-washy understanding of what Grace actually is. And I had an even more difficult time explaining it to others. Then one night I was re-reading the immersion manual and I read that Grace is the power of revelation. Something clicked. Grace IS the POWER. Grace doesn't have the power or use the power, no, Grace is the actual power.
So when we Open to Grace we're opening to have a power work on us. As I prepared yesterday I was reminded that power is required to create change. Nothing happens without a power source. Grace is the power that enables us to remember our true nature of absolute auspiciousness and goodness. Grace is the power that lifts the veils we've created and allows us to know who we really really are deep inside.
I have a deep longing to live in that space where I always know myself as Source, and so I have a great love for Grace. A great heart space for her to enter when I remember to open wide. I think I have a long way to go in bringing students to truly Open to Grace. All I can do is lead by example and Open to Grace in the fullest, hoping that bit by bit we'll all learn to be most skillful at this principle on and off the mat.
Contemplation: What does Open to Grace mean to me?

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Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

Sarah, wow! your explanation of your realization of Grace is so clear and beautiful! I too sometimes struggle with knowing what Grace means to me in my life. seems like it keeps showing up to me in different ways. I love the idea of thinking of it as THE power, the power source. I'm going to bring that contemplation into my practice over the next few days...thank you for the beautiful reminder!