Monday, August 9, 2010

Salutations to you, Nation!

Did you happen to take part in Lululemon's Salutation Nation this weekend? It was a free event of outdoor yoga offered all over North America. If you don't know Lululemon, they're a yoga apparel store and they are just making their way to Richmond. The showroom opens in September, I think.

I am pleased to say that my whole family made it out to Maymont park to join with 95 fellow yogis (counting unborn children and three babies) in the hour long practice. I thought i'd just take my babe and go on my own, but my husband said he'd join in too so we went as a threesome.
There were many highlights of the event for me: standing poses in grass and mud, breathing in the smell of the dirt before cobra pose, hearing the rooster crowing at the childrens' farm as we got started, stretching up into the clearest bluest sky for Vira I, bowing to kiss my daughter as she wandered around from my mat to her own throwing in a down dog or two here and there, and the powerful sense of community that built when we all wandered through this alternately beginner and advanced vinyasa practice.

But my favorite part is that my husband came. He flirts with yoga but hasn't really taken it on, so I love that he wanted to come. And not only that he got Hooked! He said two things stuck out for him: 1. yoga feels really good and 2. I want to be able to do That! And that, my friends makes me very happy and very excited for him and for our family.

and finally, he offered me the best complement he could possibly give me at this point in my life: "your practice is Beautiful" he said. "Beautiful" it's like he sees me and he sees my yoga and it is all Beauty -- Shri. If that doesn't melt my heart, I don't know what will.

Here we are sitting before the centering

Standing,waiting for things to begin. Check out her cute bunny mat!


Liz said...

Thank you for sharing your Salutation Nation experience! It was an amazing hour of yoga that allowed people to connect all over North America. It is so wonderful that your husband was inspired by both the practice and you as well!

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Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

this post made my heart melt too! so sweet that your husband was inspired by not only yoga, but by you and your beautiful practice! You just gave me another reason to love this path!