Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shakti Kula Love Links

One of the Anusara Kulas that seems to have it going on going strong is the one in the Bay Area of California. I love reading their blog and catching up on the thoughts from the West Coast Anusarans. I hear it is a fabulous community and am lucky enough to have a representative here, Catherine who comes to my class and helps with Kula Jam!
A week ago, before my unplugging experiment, I was browsing the Bay Shakti blog and found this great interview with John Friend. Ginger spoke to him early in 2010 about the Melt your Heart: Blow your Mind tour. I always love to hear from John and the less rehearsed, the better I think. What the interview reminded me most of is that this practice of yoga and this practice of teaching yoga is powerful. We are creating a shift on a global level as we each individually shift. And this is important.
So check out the interview and enjoy the blog. Love to the West Coast!


Ginger Coy said...

Hi Sarah,
So great that you are enjoying Bay Shakti, the blog my husband Brad and I started for the Anusara Yoga community in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Thank you for the Link Love! So great that Anusara has found its way to Richmond, VA. Give Tia Platte, one of my first teachers, my love!

Ginger Coye

Ginger Coy said...

oops, Coy is the spelling of my last name!